ESSI Silentspace® Ceiling Baffles provide both interior acoustical control and aesthetic variety. Baffles are ideal to control noise in large peopled areas and where noise reflects off hard surfaces: auditoriums, airport terminals, factories, gymnasiums, high-traffic corridors, open plan offices, restaurants and other open ceiling areas. Applicable to new or retrofit installations. Provides sculptural ceiling effect and graphic options to interior design while improving acoustical properties in lieu of flat ceilings. Versatile in design and installation, baffles may be ceiling suspended either individually or from each other. Silentspace® Baffles are available in a variety of suspension systems, edge details and vinyl or fabric coverings.

Baffles General Information

Ceiling Baffles are rigid and semi-rigid absorbers finished both face sides and all edges.  Ceiling Baffles are mounted from one baffle edge vertically from the ceiling like a fin.   Baffles can be hung anywhere in a ceiling because all surfaces of the baffle are finished.  Some baffles can be useful in rugged indoor environments such as gyms or kennels.

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